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SkinOlogie Studio

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Facial Waxing

Brow Shaping Wax - $16
Lip/Chin/Cheek/ or Sideburn Wax - $10
Brow/Lip Wax - $26
Full Face Wax - $40
Ear Wax - $10
Nostril Wax - $10

Body Waxing

Brazilian w/ Lauren (shorter appt time) - $55
Use this when booking a Brazilian with Lauren.
Brazilian - $55
Teeny Bikini Wax - $40
The Teeny Bikini takes more hair away than the regular bikini and less than the Brazilian.
Bikini Wax - $30
Leg Wax - $65
Partial Leg Wax - $45
Underarm Wax - $18
Full Arm Wax - $40
Partial Arm Wax - $25
Chest wax - $40
Stomach Wax - $25
Back Wax - $55
Lower Back or 1/2 Back (females) - $25
Only Butt Cheeks - $25
Toes - $10

Waxing Combos

The Wax Works
For when you need pretty much EVERYTHING waxed. Brazilian, leg, underarm, and full face. Arms too, if you like!
Above The Knee Clean - $105
From the knee to the belly button. Includes upper leg wax, Brazilian, full butt cheek wax, and happy trail.
The BLU (Brazil + Full Leg + Underarm) - $133
The BBU (Brazil + Brow + Underarm) - $89
Brazilian + Full Leg - $115
Brazilian + Partial leg wax - $95
Brazilian + Partial Leg + Underarm - $113
Brazilian + Underarm - $73
Brazilian + Butt Cheeks - $70
Brazilian plus the entire butt cheek if need be.
Brazilian + Brow - $71
Teeny Bikini + Brow - $56
Teeny Bikini + Underarm - $58
Teeny Bikini + Brow + Underarm - $74
Teeny Bikini + Leg + Underarm - $118
Teeny Bikini add Behind (in between cheeks) - $45
Teeny Bikini with in between the butt cheeks as well.
Bikini + Brow - $46
Bikini + Underarm - $48
Bikini + Brow + Underarm - $64
Bikini + Partial Leg - $70
Bikini + Full Leg - $90
Partial Leg and Underarm - $58

Brow Tint

Brow Tint - $18
Brow Wax & Tint - $34

Facials & Peels

Spa Facial - $85
Enzyme facials are a step up from the usual spa facial you would get elsewhere. By using stronger enzyme exfoliants you will shed more dead skin build-up and allow other products to penetrate deeper into the skin. This treatment will be tailored to your skin type with a thorough analysis, cleansing with hot towels and steam, and exfoliation. Extractions will be performed if necessary. You will then receive a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage and a custom mask will be applied to rejuvenate your skin. While the mask sits you will receive a hand and foot massage. Perfect for maintaining healthy skin on a regular basis.
Enzyme Peel
Enzyme peels are the next step up from the spa facial with enzymes. Take everything from the spa facial above and add a deeper penetrating enzyme. This will expose the fresher more radiant skin below. Perfect for most skin types, especially aging and acne prone skin. $95-105

Naturally Scientific Acid Peels
These peels use acids from different sources including flowers, fruits, and sugar to penetrate deep into the skin and produce dramatic results! These acid peels will be done with or without dermaplaning and will produce anywhere from mild-mid to deep peeling effects. Post care products must be used in conjunction with these peels. You will still receive all of the pampering from the spa facial! $115-125

Signature Spa Facial (80 min) - $105
Spa facial with 20 minutes extra to relax or address specific issues.
Signature Enzyme Peel (80 min) -$Varies
Enzyme peel with 20 minutes extra to relax and enjoy.
Signature Acid Peel (80 min) -$Varies
Acid Peel with 20 extra minutes to relax and enjoy.
Lunchtime Peel
Express peel application without the massage and relaxation of our regular facials and peels. Good for those on the go!
Express Facial - $60
A quick facial to address specific skin care needs. No massage.
Back Facial - $125

Specialty Facials & Peels

Pumpkin Apple Fall Facial - $95
Pumpkin Apple Fall Peel - $110
C - Awaken Facial - $105
Awaken skin for a luminous glow using the power of Vitamin C.
Anti Aging Deluxe Facial - $105
Refresh and hydrate your face and the delicate tissue around your eyes. Luxurious facial for those concerned with fine lines and dull skin.
Flower Power Deluxe (Light Peel) - $115
Vibrant skin blooms with the strength of flower acids for moisturizing and brightening benefits. Vital nutrients and powerful antioxidants support leave the skin radiant and glowing.
Tomato Deep Pore Treatment Peel - $115
The perfect spring clean for acne prone, and oily, impure skins. Loaded with vitamins A, C, and E, this regenerating treatment will infuse the skin with the power of tomatoes using lycopenes and carotenoids, protecting skin from free radicals.
Vitamin A Peptide Peel - $125
Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel improves smoothness, reduces fine lines and uneven pigmentation, and provides clarity and radiance to the skin. Due to the added peptide action, skin is much more toned and firmed
Lotus Brightening Peel (Mid to Deep) - $125
A unique acid peel utilizing the exotic lotus flower, Lotus Peel is a new, cutting-edge lightener with free radical scavenging capabilities and more brightening capabilities.

Facial & Peel Add Ons

Décolleté facial Add on - $30
Décolleté Peel add on - $45
Reviving Eye Treatment - $30

Spa Packages

Healing Massage & Reiki Combo - $125
A combination of Reiki energy work and massage.
Bliss Facial and Massage Combo * new version - $155 (call for appointment)
New longer version of the Bliss Facial and Massage Combo. You will now have 2 separate 1 hour services. A full one hour massage and one hour facial. Pure bliss!
Please TEXT for appt
Nurture Spa Package - $210 (call for appointment)
Nurture your mind and body with this calming spa package. Includes a 60 minute full body massage, 45 minute Reiki session, and a 60 minute facial.
To Book: TEXT 219-307-3793
Ultimate Renewal Spa Package - $280 (call for appointment)
You will feel amazing after all of this pampering. Includes a 2 hour full body massage that starts with a full body dry brushing to exfoliate dead skin cells. Then we will clean up your brows (wax or tweeze) and follow with a 90 minute facial with tons of extras. An ultra moisturizing Ecofin hand and foot treatment, and foot scrub finish this treatment off perfectly. Total 3 hrs 30 min
TEXT to Book 219-307-3793

Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minute Neck & Shoulder - $45
45 Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage - $60
60 Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage - $70
75 Minute Massage Swedish or Deep Tissue - $85
90 Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage - $100
2 hr Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage - $125
The ultimate massage that addresses all aches and pains.
Prenatal Massage 60 min - $75
Great for expecting Mothers past their 1st trimester (must be at least 15 weeks along and have doctor's permission)
Prenatal Massage 90 Min - $105

Specialty Massages

Stress Melter Massage - $80
If you’re in the mood to relax, this is the treatment for you!
This journey begins by selecting an essential oil that will put you at ease. Then…

60 minutes of soothing massage including:

-Aromatherapy scalp massage (great for tension headaches)

-30 minute face, neck, shoulder, and back massage

-Foot, hand, & arm massage

Perfectly finished with a foot scrub & refreshing mint foot mask.
60 minutes $75
Signature Massage 75 Min - $95
Signature Massage 90 Min - $105
Signature Massage 105 Min - $120
Signature Massage 2 hour - $135
Ultimate Head Therapy - $60
Ultimate Foot Therapy - $60

Cupping Massage

75 Min. Massage with Cupping
Swedish or deep tissue massage with cupping.
90 Min. Massage with Cupping
Swedish or Deep tissue massage with cupping.
2 Hour Massage with Cupping
Swedish or Deep tissue with cupping.


Reiki 30 minutes - $40
Reiki 60 Minutes - $65
Reiki 90 Minutes - $90
Healing Massage & Reiki Combo - $125
Massage and Reiki for ultimate healing and relaxation.

Service Add Ons

Back Dry Brushing Add-On - $5
Full Body Dry Brushing - $15
Silicone Cupping - $25
EcoFin Hand Treatment - $10
Ecofin Foot Treatment - $10
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